Abbey 3-Way Creme

Avantone Abbey 3-Way Creme, Avantone Pro Abbey aktív.štúdiové reprosústavy
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    When we began development of the AVANTONE PRO ABBEY loudspeaker system, it was an extension of the renowned AVANTONE MIXCUBE concept. To provide users with a loudspeaker system that would provide tonal excellence, accuracy and value for their money. As this project evolved, we kept increasing the volume of the enclosure, improving the driver complement and generally building a studio monitor worthy of any major name brand. By taking a no compromises approach, we eventually had that "ah ha" moment when all of the technology, components and tweaks fell into line. We believe that this is a truly enjoyable system that will give you a sound reproduction tool capable of performing under the most exacting conditions.

    Active recording / mix-down and playback monitors. knew that.

    The AVANTONE ABBEY Studio Reference Monitors are designed to be dynamic, high SPL, high resolution, full-range active reference monitors. We included precise, no-compromise drivers in a reasonably compact format that complements modern production environments. Ideally, these can be used in all phases of production from tracking through mastering and post production playback.

    The secondary engineering goal was to create a seamless transition through all bands to provide a full range design that has real power, excellent transient response and abnormally broad spectral performance at any output level.

    You will notice a distinct lack of adjustments on the back of these units. We feel we have designed an excellent system that will not require adjustment when used in appropriate environments.

    It is important to make mixing judgments based partially on listening to reference monitors that will not impart tonal anomalies caused by pushing components beyond their useful range in two way systems. Further, you can never have enough power. Particular attention is always paid to the critical mid-range vocal/guitar/keyboard areas. This is where having a full-range monitor with crossover points set above and below the critical listening frequencies is truly revealing.

    Years of R&D, comparative listening & refinement went into the voicing of the AVANTONE ABBEY. The result is a very smooth sounding, full range upgrade from almost any two-way system.

    Listening tests reveal that the ABBEY's have a smooth midrange, accurate, transparent top end response with extended bass while providing a depth and clarity that any studio demands. The AVANTONE ABBEY provides the same level of dynamic performance and clarity at low levels used in daily production environments as well as high output levels for playback.