PEARL CBS-100, Cabasa w/Precision Shaker Handle
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96,60 €

Cabasa w/Precision Shaker Handle

Playing tight rhythmic patterns on a Cabasa is not the easiest thing to do, but Pearl's Gatling Cabasa will make you sound like a virtuoso in seconds. The CBS-100 mounts onto a standard 3/8" post and features a spring-loaded rubber padded clamp that firmly presses the beads into the Cabasa.
Simply grab the precision handle and fire away to play any pattern you wish or keep spinning it for an infinite "sizzle" that is not possible with standard Cabasas. Speaking of standard Cabasas, merely lift the padded clamp and the Gatling Cabasa slides off for hand-held playing.

CBS100 "Gatling" Cabasa including Holder
Unique Handle Permits "Gatling Gun"-like Operation and One-Handed Operation