Avantone CLA10A, Chris Lord Alge ACTIVE studio monitors (pair)
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n June 2018, Avantone Pro  released the CLA-10 studio monitors, which became the #1 selling passive  studio monitor in the world. The CLA-200 power amp, which soon followed  has become another success filling a void for a reasonably priced class  AB studio power amp. Avantone Pro is now proud to announce the release  of the CLA-10A active studio monitors.

The CLA-10A's feature the AV10MHF and AV10MLF drivers from the CLA-10  as well as cabinet construction. The CLA-10A's also feature a beefy  Class A/B power amp section.


The CLA-10A's have an all new “VTPC” knob or “Variable Tissue  Paper Control.” This VTPC allows you to simulate any thing from the  Vertical “m” model to the horizontal “Studio” model and everything in  between. 


One of the most common questions asked about the CLA-10's is which  version of the originals are they based on. Now we can proudly say...  all of them! The CLA-10A's have an all new “VTPC” knob or “Variable  Tissue Paper Control.” This VTPC allows you to simulate any thing from  the Vertical “m” model to the horizontal “Studio” model and everything  in between. This tone control allows each user to choose the best  tweeter brightness that serves their individual needs.

Most two way active speakers use a switch mode supply and Class D  amplifier. While this has proven to work well in recent years, we are  still traditionalists. With the success of the CLA-10 and CLA-200  amplifier combination, we decided to stay with what engineers all over  the world have come to expect from this combination. The CLA-10 Active  uses a linear power supply and 200 watts of Class AB output. Yes, it  requires a heatsink. Yes, it weighs more. Yes, it sounds awesome.

We use a monolithic integrated circuit Class AB amplifier with wide  voltage range and high current output capability. Operating in Parallel  Mode with two devices ganged together to deliver higher output power  into low impedance loads, allowing better thermal performance at high  power. At low power, THD is a phenomenal 0.005%; at rated load it is  0.1%, yielding excellent performance at power compared to class D amps.  The circuit uses a mixed bipolar MOS high voltage technology called  BCDII 100/120 which avoids secondary breakdown phenomena. This  technology handles high current output without unwieldy circuit  complexity and external components. This makes it possible to deliver  very high power in a reasonable package with the clean, smooth sound of a  linear amplifier.

The system is being run at +/-40 VDC, yielding a rock solid 200WRMS  at 1kHz into 8 ohms. Rather than use a switch mode power supply with the  associated noise, we decided to stay traditional with a linear power  supply. The power supply uses a massive old school toroidal transformer  for the classic performance of an AB amplifier. Many companies use SMPS  and Class D for this type of system. We made the decision to stay with  classic technology in order to maintain the legacy sound that everybody  associates with this design.


  • System Type: Active Full-Range Two-Way Stereo Pair               
  • System Frequency Response: 60Hz-20,000Hz (Accessible Musical Range)                 
  • Components: Low Frequency: AV10-MLF 18Cm Cone, High Frequency: AV10-MHF 3.5Cm Soft Dome                
  • Cabinet: 10.4 Liter Sealed Design, 18mm MDF With Real Wood Veneer                
  • Cabinet Dimensions: 381.5mm X 215mm X197.5mm (15”X 8 ½”X 7- ¾ ”)                
  • Weight: 8.2Kg / 18 Lbs (Each)                 
  • Shipping Weight: 18.5 Kg / 40.5 Lbs                 
  • SPL: 104dB               
  • Peak Musical Output: 110dB (Music Program Material)                  
  • Amplifier: 200W Class Ab Linear Supply                
  • THD: 0.05% At 1Khz, 1W           
  • Balanced Inputs: Combination XLR & Phone Jack                 
  • Unbalanced Input: RCA Phono Jack                
  • Volume: +0dB, -120dB              
  • VTPC: Variable Tissue Paper Control Fc 1.8Khz +6dB, -30dB.                
  • Power: On/off Switch               
  • Ground Lift Switch                
  • Power: 115Vac/230Vac Selectable          
  • Power Consumption:           
    • StandBy: 3W              
    • Full Output: 250W