REMO CS1222-1, 22/56,0 BIELA/CIER.ST
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28,90 €

Patch box series Remo
Controlled Sound with black upper central reinforcement. Layer made ​​of a 10 mil film Mylar with "dots" 5 mil thick. Patches Controlled Sound Smooth White have characteristics of medium and high performance. The outer area of the practicable surface of the patch provides tones midrange and high sensitivity, while the core sheets circles add durability and tonal approach attack amount. Has a diameter of 22 ". It has a smooth white finish.


  • Patches Controlled Sound series.
  • Mylar 10 mm.
  • Midrange tones.
  • High sensitivity.
  • Lots of attack
  • Black dots 5 mil thick.
  • White smooth finish.

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