PEARL CS1450, Rytmický bubon CHAD SMITH 5" x 14" - nikel+oceľ
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299,10 €

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Rytmický bubon CHAD SMITH 5" x 14" - nikel+oceľ

Pearl's CS1450 Chad Smith Signature Steel Snare Drum is the ideal all-around rock snare! You've heard it being played on countless Red Hot Chili Peppers records, and it is the most popular snare in the Pearl signature line. One of the most sensitive snare drums they offer, with a very bright and articulate sound with a great body, and its Steel/Black Nickle-plated shell gives it an exceptionally deep cracking sound with a rim shot that few snare drums can rival. When it comes to the perfect rock snare drum, this is one not to be overlooked!

  • 10 CL-55 "Bridge Style" minimum-contact lugs
  • 2.3mm SuperHoop II hoops
  • "Gladstone Style" verticle pull throw-off
  • Precision-fit stainless steel tension rods
  • Solid Brass receivers for incredibly precise tuning

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