Electra E-3 MON 44

ALTAIR Electra E-3 MON 44, 44 mono+4 profi analóg monitor mixpult
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The ALTAIR ELECTRA E-3 MONITOR recently launched at PROLIGHT&SOUND 2005 Frankfurt show defines a new and revolutionary concept in analog automated consoles intended for general purpose in audio production. Specific and novel functions like cable test on each input channel and the incorporation of digital equalization and dynamics in every of 24 auxiliary outputs makes the console very attractive in live performances as F.O.H. or Monitor 27 AUX applications. New Master section layout permits a confortable simultaneous 8 MTX and 24 AUX control. Motorized VCA faders allows many intuitive functions not found in similar console designs.

Altair Audio debuted the Electra E-3, a semi-modular console designed for front-or-house or monitor applications. Offered in 36/44/52-input channel configurations, Electra E-3 features 24auxes, eight VCAs with motorized faders, an 8x16 matrix and LCR output masters. Eight mute masters can store 128 mute scenes, and digital parametric equalization and onboard dynamics complement the aux outs. Inputs have 4-band EQ, with peak-shelf-switchable low-frequency/high-frequency bands and fully parametric mids. Metering is extensive, with nine-step LEDs next to each fader, along with 24 LED meters on the auxes and groups and four mechanical VUs for PFL and the LCR masters. A connector for an optional redundant power supply is also standard.

-* FRAMES: 36/44/52 Mono.
-* 24 AUX Sends (8 Mono + 4 Stereo / 8 Mono + 4 Stereo).
-* 27 BUSES 24 AUX Sends+3 MIX
-* 16 EQ+DYNAMICS 24 bit DSP based (AUX outputs).
-* 8 VCA Motorised Masters + 99 Scene&Mute Presets.
-* 16x8 MATRIX, under digital control for a clear console layout.
-* Balanced, Dual Jack Insert points.
-* Super EQ on Inputs (H&L vari. Freq+Shl/Peak,2 Mids full parametric
-* First in the market: Cable Test function on each input.
-* Combo (TM) Input Connectors
-* FULL Meter Bridge: LCD+24 x 20 led Bars + 4 Vu-Meters.
-* Robust Power Supply with redundant connections.