PEARL FFX1412/A, Pochodový rytmický bubon
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669,60 €

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No other snare drum has changed the face of marching competition like Pearl's FFX Championship Series. Used by today's top DCI corps these drums use a combination of 6 plies of 100% maple free-floating shels in a super lightweight aluminum frame for strength, projection, and a rich sound. The aluminum edge ring and rims are designed to easily withstand today's super high tensioning. Six acoustically located air vents enhance snare sensitivity and relieve back pressure for great response. Backed by a 3-year warranty on shells and hardware. Available in 3 sizes: 14x12" (16.9 lbs) 14x10" (16.9 lbs) 13x11" (14 lbs) and 5 different covered finishes: #26 Brushed Silver #33 Pure White #46 Midnight Black #92 Aurora Blue #94 Candy Apple Red Also available in 12 special order lacquer finishes and 8 powder-coated or chrome hardware finishes. Please call or email for custom finishes.