PEARL FFXC1412/A, Pochodový rytmický bubon
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825,10 €

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Pearl Carbonply Championship Marching Snare Drum - Product Information

Only the Pearl Carbon Fiber Marching Snare Drum can take your Corps or band to the next level. Speed, agility and power are a must in today's highly competitive environment and with Pearl's Championship Carbonply family you have everything working in your favor to put your group in the Winner's Circle.

The FFXC Marching Snare Drum features 6 plys of exotic African Mahogany sandwiched between an inner and outer ply of Carbon Fiber. This distinctive combination creates a sonic hybrid beast of a marching snare drum that promotes a perfect balance between the low frequency of African Mahogany and the exhuberant mid to high range tendencies of Carbon Fiber for an aural blend unlike anything that you have ever experienced.

- 6 ply African Mahogany with Inner and Outer Carbon Fiber Layers
- 2 ply Reinforcement rings
- Advanced Hybrid Blend of Materials Creates Optimum Tone
- Superior Volume
- Robust Wide Tonal Spectrum
- Carbon Fiber Adds Strength to Shell
- Available in 13" and 14" Sizes
- Standard Lacquer Finish #301 Carbon Fiber Matte
- 3 Year Warranty on Shell
- 1 Year Warranty on Hardware