PEARL FTMH1480, Free Floating 14 x 8.0, 8 ply (10.0mm) Mahogany
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The 14" x 8" Free Floater features a 1.2mm Seamless Aluminium or 8 ply Mahogany shells with strong lows, smooth mids and sweet highs. It's the perfect shell for this size and depth.

All Pearl Task-Specific Free Floating Snare Drums feature Die-Cast hoops, free floating lugs, chrome hardware, Coated Ambassador batter head and Pearl's new SR-160F strainer, featuring Pearl's exclusive Click-Lock system which simultaneously "locks" the snare lever and the tension adjuster to your exact liking. The metal shell drums have a classy brushed finish, while the wood shell drums are finished in Pearl's exclusive Satin Lacquer natural wood finishes.


  • Size: 14" x 8"
  • Shell: 8-ply 10mm African Mahogany
  • Lugs: FT-80
  • Rods: 10
  • Tension Rods: T-5042
  • Strainer: SR-1000F
  • Snares: SN-1420I

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