MARTIN AUDIO WSX, Legendarny Subbas
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  • 7ft (2.1 metre) folded-horn subwoofer
  • Maximum efficiency deep bass reproduction
  • Mirror image stacking capability


  • Bass ground stack for W8 and W8C
  • Outdoor bass line source
  • Contemporary dance music subwoofer

The WSX is a folded horn subwoofer which has been specifically designed to reproduce very deep bass

frequencies with maximum efficiency, speed and impact. It is intended to be used with Martin Wavefront Series

loudspeakers such as the W8 and W8C and also the W8 line array enclosures in the most demanding touring

situations where extreme levels of bass are required. It is also ideal for reproducing the concentrated bass

energy of contemporary dance music in club environments.

It features a powerful 600 Watt, 18" (460mm) driver with magnet structure and suspensions specially

engineered for very large linear excursion. The internal 'S' shaped folded horn - a Martin hallmark - is over 7

feet (2.1 metres) long and couples the driver to the airload by means of a modified hyperbolic expansion law.

This results in an efficiency typically 5dB greater than ported direct radiator sub-bass systems and contributes

to the exceptionally fast transient characteristic of the WSX.

The WSX is designed to be ground stacked and ultimate performance is achieved by close coupling a stack of

four or more WSX's mirror imaged on their sides to increase the combined horn mouth area. For large

outdoor systems, stacking mirror imaged pairs up to six or more high will form a tall line source which will

focus the bass into the audience yet retain good horizontal coverage.

The WSX is constructed from multi-laminate birch ply and is fully equipped for touring with rear castors and

bar handles.