PEARL MPL924XEP, 4-miestna sada Mas. Prem. Legend 22", 10", 12", 16F"
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2 439,40 €

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4-miestna sada Mas. Prem. Legend 22", 10", 12", 16F"

For more than two decades, the Pearl Masters sound has been heard on countless recordings and in the world’s top recording studios. The Masters sound is synonymous with legendary drummers like Jeff Porcaro, Dennis Chambers, Ian Paice and many others. The Pearl Masters Premium Series offer the discerning player precision, beauty, innovation and options.

The all new Masters Premium Legend uses only .9mm thick plies in its sonically enhanced Beautifully open full toned 6 ply Maple shell.

The new Legend series is a direct reaction to the constant demands from the drummers of today wanting more tone, more warmth and more flexibility in today’s ever changing Recording environment.

The new Legend Series features upgraded low mass aluminium Opti-Mounts, Masterworks / Reference bass drum spurs, bass drum claws, floor tom legs and leg brackets.

Masters Legend Series includes our revolutionary Fat Tone Hoops on all Toms and Floor toms. These are our all new thin Fat Tone Hoops with our exclusive hemmed and welded edge resulting in a hoop that is both lightweight and extremely strong to further promote maximum resonance.

Masters Legend snare drums also feature Pearl’s premium low-mass swivel tube lugs that assure perfect tension rod to lug alignment along with Pearl’s innovative Golden-Ratio air vents for improved low end response on toms and bass drums and improved attack on snare drums. All shells are constructed using Pearl’s exclusive SST Superior Shell Technology manufacturing process.

The New Legend series drums are ideal for all musical styles for example; R&B, Classic and Heavy Rock, Folk, Jazz, Punk and Country.


  • Low Mass Even-Ply Shells
  • Low Mass Fat Tone Hoops
  • Golden Ratio Airvents
  • Light weight Aluminium
  • 22x18in Bass Drum
  • 10x7in & 12x8in Rack Toms
  • 16x14in Floor Tom

MPL924XEP Configuration

  • 22x18in Bass Drum
  • 10x7in & 12x8in Rack Toms
  • 16x14in Floor Tom

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