PEARL P-932L, basový dvojpedál Demonator, možnosť zmeny ataku, ľavonohá
229 €
190,83 € bez DPH
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2 kg
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229 €

Featuring the industry leading characteristics of the award-winning Demon Drive pedals, the Pearl Double Pedal is a wonderful addition to the Demon Drive family.

This is a single-chain drive pedal, equipped with a Demon Style Powershifter long-footboard. A patented interchangeable cam and infinitely adjustable beater angle allow you to customize the pedal to your preferred feel and power. Pearl's Click-Lock spring tension keepers and Control Core Beater give the finishing touches to this amazingly versatile pedal.

Double Bass Drum Pedal

  • Left-sided version
  • New Demonator longboard footboard
  • Single chain
  • Round cam disk
  • Base plate
  • DuoBeat beater
  • Beater angle adjustable as desired
  • Max. Axis thomann length: 55 cm

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