PEARL PMTCC8023N/A, Pochodový prechod
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Championship Series Carbon Ply Toms provide a battery of sonic assault. The shell composition of 6 ply African Mahogany encapsulated in an inner and outer ply of Carbon fiber promotes amazing projection and aggressive volume. These Quads and quints offer the perfect complimentary balance of sound to our Carbonply Snare Drums. Available in a choice of 6 pre configured packages to fit perfectly in your Corps. These advanced materials provide cutting edge technology to offer an accoustic advantage to those who dare.

- 13",10",8",12"


6 ply African Mahogany shell • Increased resonance and depth
Inner and outer ply of carbon fiber • Increased power and projection, more pronounced highs
Extra deep shells with Sonic Cut • Maximizes resonance and increases focus and projection
Rounded bearing edges • Eliminates unwanted overtones while enhancing depth and projection
2.3mm SuperHoop II • Increased strength and durability
Aluminum alloy tension casings • Years of dependable service under high tensions
8 tension casings on the 12" and 13" (instead of 6) • Improved tuning accuracy and even dispersion of tension
6mm case-hardened tension bolts • Permits the highest tension without failure
Standard Lacquer Finish: #301 Carbon Fiber Matte • Super durability in any weather, a unique way for your band or corps to stand out
3 year shell warranty and 1 year hardware warranty