PEARL RF1310T, Tom Tom 13 x 10" D.cast+Optimode,Reference séria, chróm
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972 €

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Tom Tom bubon 13 x 10" D.cast+Optimode,Reference séria


Reference Series

What if each drum in your drum set was engineered as an instrument unto itself? What if each tom was designed to respond perfectly within the confines of its respective frequency without compromise over any other areas of your kit? This is the mission behind Reference Series: A complete set of individually engineered, incredible sounding drums. So forget what you think you know about drums and take a look at Reference Series, the most acoustically advanced drums in the world.

To fully understand these drums you must accept that the desired tonal characteristics of a rack tom are completely different than that of a bass drum, and to make these drums with the same composition would result in a compromise. This is the mission behind Reference Series: To create a perfect sounding drum set where every drum is optimally engineered to produce the best sound possible within its respective tonal range and diameter... drum by drum by drum. Forget what you think you know about drums and take a closer look at Pearl's Reference Recipe and the synergy of its three task-specific components.


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