PEARL RFP1010T, 10 x 10 Tom Tom w/ FH.OPTA
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720 €

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Reference Pure

We start the process by choosing thinner plies of prized Maple, hand selected Birch and rare African Mahogany. While Reference drums use a rotating combination of both 1.6mm and .9mm wood plies in its shell construction, the all new Reference Pure uses only .9mm thick plies in its construction. The result is a thin, resonant, extremely vibrant yet powerful near-field experience for the player with the wonderful accentuation effects of Birch and African Mahogany placed exactly where they are needed most.

To maintain maximum resonance, Pearl's Reference Pure features our super low-mass elegantly designed STL Tube Lugs and our all new thin Fat Tone Hoops with our exclusive hemmed and welded edge resulting in a hoop that is both lightweight and extremely strong to further promote maximum resonance.

For those looking for a thin shell alternative to our legendary Reference Series drums, your wait is over.

Reference Pure. Pure Tone. Pure Resonance. Pure Perfection.

• "Best of Masterworks" Shell Material
• Low Mass Even-Ply Shells
• STL Bridge LugsSTL Bridge Lugs w/ Swivel Function w/ Swivel Function
• Fat Tone HoopsFat Tone Hoops
• LB-200 Bridge FT Leg Brackets
• LG-200 Floor Tom Legs
• SP-300 Spurs
• Aluminum OptiMountOptimount Tom Holders
• Stainless Steel Tension Rods
• Molded Rubber Gaskets
• Remo Clear Emperor Tom Batters
• Remo Clear Powerstroke3 BD Batter
• Remo "Window" Snare Batter Head
• Super High Gloss Lacquer/Lacquer Sparkles/Ultra-Exotic Covering