RAM AUDIO MDi2-1K4, PA Zosilňovač 2 x 700, 375W / 4, 8 ohms
850,50 €
708,75 € bez DPH
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8 kg
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850,50 €

MDi Series is the newest solution from RAM Audio for fixed installations, where state-of-the-art amplification technology has been used to manage acoustic systems in the most efficient and greenest way possible, without diminishing quality of sound and dynamics that have always typified RAM Audio amplifiers.

A new generation of QuantaPulse switching mode power supplies with Power Factor Correction to improve efficiency, with a schematic thought to give a very high capacity of instantaneous power, together with very evolved high efficiency audio modules in class D with an excellent quality of sound, are the basis on which RAM Audio has developed this new series that is capable of offering the most optimal solution to the very exigent fixed-installations market.

• Hi audio quality in an extremely efficient class D design

• Last generation PFC QuantaPulse™ switch mode PS

• 2/4/8 channels models from 1400W up to 12000W

• 70V/100V Line Direct/Drive Output

• Ultra light weight 5.5kg, compact package 35cm deep

• RAM Audio Power Management System (PMS™) and Clip Limiter (ICL™)

• Up-side-down design to avoid fan dust acumulation

• Industry standard Barrier Strips and Phoenix connectors

• Detented sealed potentiometers

• Optionally tamper proof potentiometers

• Comprehensive protection set (ICL, PMS, turn-on, Temp, DC….)

• Modular construction for an easy after-sales service

• Temperature controlled, front to back cooling fan