OPTIMAL AUDIO UP4S-W, 4"stropné nízke dvojpásmové koaxiálne repro 8Ohm/70/100V
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  • 4” coaxial driver 
  • Discreet size with shallow back can
  • Unobtrusive design
  • 8 ohm or 70/100V line operation
  • Range of power taps
  • Wide conical coverage pattern
  • Integrated mounting hardware

Up 4S is a discreet, two-way, passive 4” speaker delivering consistent coverage and full frequency sound to a wide range of cost conscious, commercial environments from hotels and concourses to retail outlets, bars and restaurants.

Up 4S features a 4” (105mm) low frequency driver paired with a 0.7” (20mm) silk dome tweeter. It is suitable for both high quality speech and music reproduction.

The wide 150° conical coverage of Up 4S makes it particularly suitable for low ceilings and reduces the number of speakers required for even coverage leading to a reduction in installation cost. A shallow steel back can allows installation in ceilings with minimal cavity depth. An integral fixing system is included to achieve a simple and clean installation.  Up 4S has a steel back, perforated steel grille and finished in neutral white.

Each Up 4S can be run on a series of 70 or 100 Volt taps or at low impedance. Tap selection is via a rotary switch behind the removable grille.

SmartAmps or Zone will provide optimal performance and loudspeaker protection. When coupled with the Zone series, a ZonePad and the WebApp makes setting up a system and end user control simple and intuitive.