ALTAIR WBP-212, Dvojitý bezdrôtový beltpack Extreme
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1 016,20 €

The new WBP-212 rugged beltpacks, is compatible with the WB200 Wireless Intercom.

This new models are conceived for diverse extreme applications: live music performance, TV ENG, open air cinema takes and other outdoor applications requiring extended reliability.

New performances are incorporated to ease the use in stress conditions: Headset connector by standard size XLR-4 for a higher durability and compatibility, long life Li-Ion battery, secondary battery supply for emergency uncharged main batteries, keyboard lock to prevent inadvertent operations, bigger illuminated switch buttons, and many others.

Other general specifications are maintained over the clasic WBP-200/202 beltpacks: internal dual diversity antennas, high listening level, number of beltpacks per base satation, coverage, etc. This new beltpacks can be combined with the clasic size WBP-200/202 on the same installation.

Typical 50 to 350 m around base

Battery life, estimated:
15 hours in full Duplex mode.
75 hours in Call receive mode.

Battery type:

External case/wall mounting charger
allowing 4 beltpack charging.

Headset connector:
4 pin mini XLR.
4 pin standard XLR.

Headset type:
Selectable, dynamic or electret.

Call system:
Light, Vibration and Buzzer.

145x95x35 mm / 300 gr.

Accessories (not included):
WAM-100 double muff headset,
mini XLR 4 pin.
WAM-100/2 single muff headset,
mini XLR 4 pin.
AM-100 double muff headset,
XLR 4 pin.
AM-100/2 single muff headset,
XLR 4 pin.