MARTIN AUDIO WPLGRIDT, Flybar, transition frame and groundstack grid
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• Single or two point pick-up 

• 3 point rigging system with front and rear mounting positions 

• Fly up to 24 WPL and up to 16 WPL cabinets passing BGCV1 

• Ground stack up to 6 WPL cabinets with additional ground stack kit (WPLOUTRIG) 

• Available in black (WPLGRIDt) or white (WPLGRIDt-W) 


• Touring flown and ground stacked WPL arrays 


• 1 x WPLGSt 

• 2 x Crosby 4.75 tonne shackles 

• 6 x WPL flying pins 

• 1 x WPL quick release flying pin 

Technical Specifications 

WEIGHT 74kgs (163lbs) 

MATERIAL Weatherised polyester powder coated mild steel