OPTIMAL AUDIO ZoNe4, 4 zonový DSPmixpult ovládanie-panel/nastenny panel,Web-App
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  • Full suite of audio controls for up to 4 zones
  • Fully flexible signal routing
  • WebApp interface for easy system configuration and everyday control
  • 2 mic, 4 stereo line and 2 HDMI inputs
  • Fully programmable presets and timed events
  • Very competitive pricing

Flexibility and ease of use are core values of Optimal Audio and the Zone series has been created to give easy access to everyday controls. 

Zone 4 allows the user to independently allocate sources across four configurable zones, which could be anything from the bar, back of house or lobby to restaurant, kitchen or shop floor.  

Zone 4 is the heart of any sound system, handling audio signal management for four zones. Each zone can be configured to do precisely what is required using the intuitive WebApp.  It features 4 line and 2 mic inputs plus 2 HDMI inputs for TV and video sound.  

Zone 4 has been designed to work seamlessly with other products in the Optimal Audio range and when coupled with our ZonePads and SmartAmp series provides a simple, intuitive and cost-effective audio system with superb sound quality.