ALTAIR EF-200, Dvojkanálová Master stanica
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587,10 €

This unit incorporates an internal, worldwide voltage operation power supply than powers all the system. In case of a short circuit on any point of the line, the unit shuts down with automatic and instantaneous reset.

Separate dual channels are provided with independent TALK and listen A-B balance. Link A-B switch enables line B to be joined to line A when required.

A program Input to adapt balanced Mic and Line levels is provided with assign and volume controls.

The headset microphone signal is available to drive P.A. systems. Relay contacts are provided that follows the P.A. key action, helping the installer to automate multiple tasks as Tally, switching speakers, cue lights...

The unit incorporates, remote all Mic-Off (Mic-Kill) and all Buzzers-Off (Buzz-Kill) switches to both channels.

The MULTICHANNEL LINK connection of master stations allows to carry out multichannel systems and use an only headphone for all the intercom lines.

Internal Battery operation enabling short time emergency communications on Power dropouts.

Relay contats available NO/NC for multipurpose remote control, enabling Tally, radio station PTT, etc.