ALTAIR EF-204, Štvorkanálová master jednotka s mikrofónom a reproduktoro
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The EF-204 Master station unit includes the power supply for all the intercom components in the system. In the case of shortcircuit on any point of the line, the unit shuts down with an instantaneous recovery after the fix is cleared. System can drive up to 60 single channel beltpacks or 20 desk stations.

Separated four channels are provided with independent Talk, Listen, and Call signalling buttons. Linking between channels is made easy from the front panel buttons.

All the components in the system incorporates digital control to implement different task as Mic Kill, remote buzzer switch-off, latch or PTT mic switching, etc.

The station incorporates program input (mic/line) with level attenuator assignable to any of the four channels and mic output to address PA messages from the headset operator. Relay contacts are provided that follows the PA button action, helping the installer to automate multiple tasks as Tally, speaker switching and cue lights among others.

La unidad dispone de teclas de Talk (micrófono abierto), Listen con ajuste individual del nivel de escucha y tecla de llamada Call por canal. Un bloque de 4 teclas programables permite realizar grupos de comunicación con acceso directo.

The station can be used as a Main station driving all the system or as a desk remote console station in complex multipoint multichannel installations.

One block of four key buttons allows the unit to be preset for instant recall of programmed setups including Talk, Listen and Call key functions to any channel combination in an intuitive manner.

Front panel includes gooseneck panel microphone, headset connection and a high efficiency speaker.