ALTAIR WBP-202, Dvojkanálový bezdrôtový beltpack Compact
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728,80 €

The new Manager beltpack WBP-202 allows simultaneous communication with both Channels. Selectable A, B or A&B talk, Call and listen.

Beltpack uses internal antennas for a more comfortable belt fitting.

As a battery dependant device, special care has been taken as battery status indication with led bargraph, low consumption "call receive” mode and general low power circuitry.

Out of range indication, helps the user to understand radio coverage and anticipate to possible communication failures.

Typical 50 to 350 m around base

Battery life, estimated:
10 hours in full Duplex mode.
50 hours in Call receive mode.

Battery type:
NI-MH. 3,6 VDC pack.

Charging time:
2-3 hours. Fast charging mode.

External case/wall mounting charger
allowing 4 beltpack charging.

Headset connector:
4 pin mini XLR.

Headset connector:
4 pin mini XLR.

Headset type:
Selectable, dynamic or electret.

Call System:
Light, Vibration and Buzzer.

120x80x25 mm / 175 gr.

Accessories (not included):
WAM-100 double muff headset,
mini XLR 4 pin.
WAM-100/2 single muff headset,
mini XLR 4 pin.