XILICA XILI LUCIA, nástenný ovládač parametrov adresovateľný cez ETH
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Intelligent control that suits any space. Lucia is a premium IP-based wall remote designed to provide command over audio, video, lighting and building infrastructure in classrooms, multi-purpose spaces and commercial buildings. Designed by StudioX™ to blend seamlessly into its environment, Lucia comprises an OLED display and unique retractable rotary control that ensures it can install unobtrusively into any space. With a single CatX cable for power and data, Lucia is quick and easy to deploy and mounts into any Decora® single-gang face plate. Resellers can ensure the remote blends into existing electrical finishes, or order custom Decora face-plates from their preferred supplier to match room aesthetics. Lucia features capacitive touch buttons under its all-black gloss front, minimizing wear and making it easy to wipe clean. Additionally, Lucia is capable of up-to 32 menus and features optional PIN-based protection for use in public areas. It is programmed through Xilica Designer and offers no-code, drag-and-drop configuration while being able to display icons and non-Western character sets. 


› Deploy cost-effective user control anywhere in your facility regardless of aesthetics with the StudioX™-designed Lucia. 

› Rapid installation with single-gang Decora size and a single CatX cable for power and data. 

› Recessed rotary control for unique slim profile, and capacitive touch buttons for durability and increased hygiene. 

› High-brightness OLED display that cuts through sunlight and commercial-grade lighting. 

› Drag-and-drop no-code programming with Xilica Designer, and displays icons and non-Western character sets with ease. 


The device shall feature a 1.5-inch OLED display with recessed rotary encoder, and should support up to 32 DSP parameters or presets on a single control layer with password protection and any set of levels, toggles, selectors, presets, and/or commands. The display should be capable of displaying icons, symbols, and non-Western character sets, and feature capacitive touch buttons for prompt selection and confirmation. The product should be DHCP-enabled and connect to a network with a standard RJ45 connector over CatX cable. Power should be sourced from an IEEE 802.3af PoE-compliant network switch. The product shall be wall mountable into U.S. single-gang boxes and fit into a single-module Decora faceplate. The wall control shall be CE marked, and compliant with FCC Part 15:B, RoHS and WEEE regulations. The product shall be the Xilica Lucia LUC1.