ALTAIR AS-161, Audio selektor 16 In / 1 Out
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Altair introduces two new Audio Selector series available in 16 or 8 balanced stereo inputs and 2 parallelled stereo balanced outputs. Due to the huge number of I/O 34*, connections are made by the use of PHOENIX (TM) type terminal blocks.

These Audio selectors are made under Broadcast specifications, and a removable front panel unit allowing installation outside the main unit for a more convenient use.

Volume and Balance controls by rotary encoder and position indicators, allows a precise and repeatable adjustments allowing special operations as individual input TRIM and memory for instant recall after booting the unit.

Channel selection and MUTE functions are made under a proprietary fade in/out technique reducing notably all type of switching artefacts obtaining clean channel transition or a progressive muting.

The selectors incorporates a selectable automatic AUTO selection mode. When active, simplifies the selection by reducing the number of operations to the simple start/stop of the source needed.