PEARL C-1030, Stojan na činel - rovný, Gyro-Lock systém
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156 €

Stojan na činel - rovný, Gyro-Lock systém. Vyrobený z kvalitnej pochromovanej ocele.

The Pearl C-1030 straight cymbal stand gives you an incredibly effective and secure way to mount any one of your cymbals. Designed with studio use in mind, every component of this stand is built to the tightest of tolerances to ensure rattle-free and silent operation. Pearl's GyroLock tilter gives you 360-degrees of adjustability, allowing you to position your cymbal at the exact angle you want it at and a trio of double-braced tripod struts terminating in extra-large no-slip feet ensure maximum stability. When you need absolute performance, you need this Pearl C-1030 straight cymbal stand!

Pearl C-1030 Straight Cymbal Stand Features:

  • A studio-ready cymbal stand guaranteed to deliver the stability and silent operation you need
  • GyroLock tilter provides 360 degree infinitely adjustable cymbal positioning
  • Die-cast pipe joints fitted to extremely tight tolerances provide sturdy, rattle-free support
  • Double-braced tripod struts with extra-large no-slip feet prevent lateral wobble and drift
  • UltraGrip wingnuts and wingbolts ensure a tight and secure lock