ALTAIR EB-200, Bluetooth základňa
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340,80 €

Altair introduces the new EB-200 base station compatible with the Altair E-200 cable based intercom systems. This new first on the market station allows the operation of devices into the intercom lines.Connection and operation are the same as a beltpack, just connect to the line and go.

Mic level and ear level can be independent adjusted to meet a broad range of devices' operation. Pairing is easily set-up by just the pushing of a button.

Applications include wireless replacement of a wired beltpack and headset, telephone interface from mobile phone calls, small wireless intercom systems among others.

Operating range of the system depends of the headset device used or power class chosen. In order to obtain the best performance, we recommend the use of class 1 devices, allowing a line of sight operation of 60 to 100 meter. When using standard low cost headsets, class 2 devices, the range will be reduced to 10 meters, but this would be enough for close communication as for example the operating room in technical desk operators.

Another benefit of the system is the freedom to receive an external call from your mobile phone in the same headset.