PEARL JJ1365, Rytmický bubon JOEY JORDISON 6,5" x 13" -čierna drsnená
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423 €

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Rytmický bubon JOEY JORDISON 6,5" x 13" -čierna drsnená

Pearl JJ1365 Joey Jordison signature snare drum - 13" x 6.5" 1mm steel shell that is best described as thomann a "power piccolo" (the high pitch and bite of a piccolo but the body and depth of a 6.5" for the kind of power you would associate with Joey). Black Super Hoops and Masters double-ended lugs compliment the black shell decorated with Slipknot thomann logos. The SR-017 strainer features a vertical pull action for ideal snare-to-head Contact using minimal tension and superior snare response at all playing levels.