ALTAIR RP-240, Press Rack s DA-410, DA-240, MC-240 a FC-240
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Complement of the Altair DA-410 Distribution Unit.40 balanced OUTPUTS


  • 40 balanced OUTPUTS.
  • Complement of the Altair DA-410 Distribution Unit.
  • 3 POSITION attenuator per output.
  • INDIVIDUAL short circuit protection in any output.
  • Output TRANSFORMER optional.
  • COMBO (tm) & XLR link on inputs.
  • Survival audio Patch: XLR male, XLR female, Jack ¼, RCA and minijack to ease interconnections.


TDA-O: Transformer output. Each transformer drives two outputs. Maximum: 20 units.

The Altair RP-240 appears to fulfill the huge demand of distributed audio signals in press and multimedia events.

This passive panel must be associated to the well known active ALTAIR DA-410 distribution and zone mixer unit.

The panel allows a direct input and output XLR connections. Each Stereo input pairs can be selected as mono inputs.

All the the 40 outputs incorporates full range attenuators to interface a line level signal to a mic level to drive camera and recording sets easily.

Outputs are grouped in 10 blocks of 4 outputs vertically. Each block incorporates individual A/B input selection, speaker monitoring and level adjustment in the DA-410 side.

All input and output are electronically balanced and can be optionally equipped with input and output transformer.

Two multigender patches are included to assist in difficult interconnections.