XILI A1608

XILICA XILI A1608, Digital NEUTRINO Management Procesor 16IN/8OUT,Et,DSP
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At Xilica Audio Design we have a passion for digital audio. That’s what we do. While DSP flexibility is important to us, the focus of our passion is superb audio performance first and foremost. If you care about audio performance and DSP flexibility - in that order - you share our passion.

Our Neutrino Series of digital audio processors is one of those products. Designed in Canada and built on the audio performance reputation of our 40 Bit Floating Point DSP Engine, Neutrino brings a new level of audio performance, ease of use, and value to the world of open architecture-drag & drop audio processing for fixed audio installations.


Neutrino is available in four I/O configurations - 8×8, 8×16, 16×8 and 16×16 with Mic/Line input selection per input, 48v phantom power, and premium grade mic pre-amps.

The Neutrino A0808, A0816, A1608, and A1616 are our standard models.

Neutrino Series-N model versions (Neutrino A0808-N thru A1616-N) provide Dante enabled network audio capability. Digitally transport 16×16 I/O channels of Dante network audio long distances over Ethernet cable. Convert the Dante digital audio back to analog audio at the far end using another Neutrino Series-N model DSP or use the 16 available analog outputs from our optional Rio R1616-N Dante enabled breakout box. Input analog audio at the far end and transport it back to the Neutrino Series-N model processor using the analog inputs of another Neutrino Series-N model processor or using the 16 available analog inputs on the Rio R1616-N breakout box located at the far end via the same Ethernet cable.

From a large palette of audio DSP modules, create your personal DSP system design using Neutrino’s drag & drop, open architecture NeuConsole software to accommodate each unique project requirement. The NeuConsole software GUI is easy to use and auto features reduce DSP design time and network connection management (in DHCP mode).

Control Neutrino via Ethernet using the included NeuConsole software GUI (download at www.xilica.com), from any PC using our NeuPanel PC control designer, with the logic input/relay output ports, using our optional NeuPanel Series Mini and Touch wall controls, on your own Android device using our free NeuPanel/Touch software, via Browser Control using our optional Centro SM1 site manager or any third party controller.


  • Open Architecture-Drag & Drop DSP
  • 48kHz Sampling, 40 Bit, Floating Point DSP Engine
  • High Performance 24 Bit Converters
  • Premium Grade Mic Pre-Amps
  • 8×8, 8×16, 16×8, 16×16 I/O Models
  • Neutrino Series-D Model Versions
  • Neutrino Series-N Model Versions
  • Neutrino Series-ND Model Versions
  • Neutrino Series A1608-AEC Model
  • Neutrino Series A1608-AEC-N Model Version
  • Mic/Line Input Selection per Input w 48V Phantom Power
  • Auto Design and Connection Features (DHCP Enabled)
  • Ethernet Connectivity and Control
  • DHCP Enabled
  • Easy to use NeuConsole Software GUI
  • Optional NeuPanel Series - Mini and Touch Model Wall Controls
  • Use our Free NeuPanel/Touch Software on Your Android Device to Control Neutrino
  • Use our Optional Centro SM1 to Provide iOS, OSX, and Android Browser Control and More
  • Third Party Control