XILI R1616-N

XILICA XILI R1616-N, Expander Neutrino 16x16 Phoenix Analog I/O,Dante
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With adoption of Dante predicted to grow substantially over the next few years, Xilica offers extensive support for the networking technology in its range. For example, the Rio Series of Danteenabled I/O interfaces can be used to provide additional flexibility not only for the Dante-enabled Neutrino-N and Uno-N processor models, but also as standalone interface devices with other Danteenabled brands. When the Rio Series is used in conjunction with Neutrino-N and Uno-N processors, the user has the advantage of being able to configure and manage all Dante devices from within Xilica’s SolaroConsole software, removing the need to run separate Dante Controller software. Specifications At the present time the Rio Series features five interface models. The newest Rio models include the R22-P, R44-P, R22-WP-X, and R22-WP-M models, which join the original Rio R1616-N and R1616-NX models. All models provide bi-directional Dante network audio transport – analogue audio input, conversion, and transport over network cable and Dante network audio to analogue audio breakout. The R1616-N is a full size, 1RU, 19”rack-mount Dante interface providing 16×16 I/O channels of Dante network audio and 16×16 I/O channels of analogue audio on Phoenix connectors, with the R1616-NX model being 2RU in height and providing XLR I/O connections