XILI XP-2040

XILICA XILI XP-2040, Digital Loudspeaker Management Procesor 2IN/4OUT,Et
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The Xilica XP Series is the little brother to our top of the line XD family of digital processors (the major difference between the two being the addition of FIR filters and Digital I/O on the XD models).

The XP brings a new level of audio performance and value to the world of fixed architecture DSP for live sound production and fixed audio installations. Designed and engineered in Canada, only Xilica provides a state of the art 96kHz, 40 Bit Floating Point DSP Engine, High Performance 24 Bit Converters, and Precise Algorithms at this value level. The result is best in class audio performance.


Our XP Series processors are fixed architecture, fully programable, digital, audio system processors that sample at 96kHz and use 40 bit floating point DSP architecture and high performance 24 bit converters to provide superb audio performance.

Four (4) I/O model sizes are available - 2×4, 3×6, 4×8, and 8×8 (as shown above only the XP-8080 model uses Euro connectors in place of XLR’s). Inputs can be matrix mixed/routed to any or all outputs; Ethernet, USB and RS232 connectivity for configuration, control and software/firmware updates is standard; Processor configuration can be accomplished in real time from the front panel or with a computer running our easy to use XConsole software GUI (download XConsole at www.xilica.com); And with the Ethernet connection and a basic wired or wireless router the XConsole GUI can control individual or multiple XP (and XD) processors from any location.

We provide three (3) remote control options for XP users - use our Touch 7 programmable touch control, use your own Android device running our free XTouch software app, or with our XPanel model LCD display wall control. Please see XControls in the right menu for more details regarding remote control options.


  • Fixed architecture DSP
  • 96kHz sampling, 40 bit floating point DSP engine
  • High performance 24 bit converters
  • 2×4, 3×6, 4×8 XLR line input/output models; 8×8 I/O model w Euro/Phoenix connectors
  • XP-”M” versions have switchable premium grade mic/line inputs w 48v phantom power
  • Ethernet, USB, and RS232 connectivity for configuration and control
  • Up to 16 devices in a Xilica network
  • Processor configuration via front panel or easy to use XConsole software GUI
  • Matrix mixer
  • 31 Band, 1/3 octave GEQ per input
  • 8 Band PEQ per input and output
  • Dual crossover filters per input and output
  • 650ms delay per input and output
  • Input compressors and output limiters
  • Phase correction
  • High performance switching power supply
  • 30 presets / password protection
  • Control XP processors with our Touch 7 programmable touch control, using our XPanel wall control, or with your own Android device running our free XTouch software app.
  • Designed and Engineered in Canada
  • Warranty: 2 Years Parts and Labour